Why vote, or how an election boycotter changed her mind


Why vote, or how an election boycotter changed her mind

By Neda  
There was a time I thought we should boycott any election in iran, and I had my reasons I could defend for hours, which of course are indeed true. Things like;

1- we (including majority of people either seculars as well as faithful moslems or followers of other religions) do not recognize iran’s regime.

2- there is no free and real election in iran, for example in the last presidential election, a bunch of candidates were rejected by “sentinel council” and those remained were unpleasant enough –among them ahmadinejad- to convince me and many others to boycott.

This “sentinel council” includes a bunch of mollas who reject any parliament enactment they don’t like, in the name of "discrepancy with islam". Therefore practically parliament has no power, so what is the point of sending new senates in it?

3- We voted for Khatami in 1998, hoping for reformation. one year after that many authors, poets and liberals were murdered in most savage and horrible ways. Daryoosh Froohar; secretary general of “Iran’s nation” party and his wife Parvaaneh, mokhtari (this one squeezed my heart the most, specially after I read his poets he wrote in the prison), Mohammadhosein Salimi, Mohammadjafar Pooyandeh and many other beautiful human beings whose thought and actions could make my country a better place.

4-in 1999 after students protested against seizure of a reformist newspaper, they attacked Tehran’s university’s hostel at night, wounded many students and killed one. those who were there at that time say they throw a student down from the third floor. The day after, students marched again to remonstrate. Ahmad Batebi among them showed his friend’s t-shirt which was bloodstained representing of the last night’s event. A foreign journalist took a picture of him and he got famous, but he paid a heavy price. They caught him and sentenced him to death! But then it reduced to 15 years prison. He is right now in Evin prison. Khatami never showed a real response to any of these.

5-most suspects of both events pleaded not-guilty and instead the lawyer of victims of the serial killings, Naser Zarafshan got in prison.

6- people still wishful and hopeful, once again voted for khatami in 2002. one week after that in every square of Tehran they whipped young people for wearing jeans or insufficient hijab. I was happy I hadn’t vote, two years before I’d voted for parliament and after that regretted it, seeing its trend along with all those events above.

But despite all these, now almost one year and a half after iran’s presidential election, I changed my mind, because:

1-what ahmadinejad says can cause a war. However we know iran’s past and present leaders talked always crazy and will, right now iran is under microscope and many countries feel threatened by its nuclear program. things come out of that ugly mouth matters now more than ever, especially because world is not familiar with iran’s state system and it sees ahmadinejad as iran’s leader.

2- there are always people who vote in iran anyway. Besides those who fear that it would effect their jobs, some vote hoping for economic improvement. That was how ahmadinejad gained most votes, plus of course all that cheatings in votes. He promised people he would fight for their benefits with wealth-power pole.

Therefore boycotting aimed for derogation of the regime won’t work.

3-Iran is not ready for a real liberation. seculars, students and bloggers are still minority. The majority are those who do not tolerant opposite notion. To fight for this small space, we must vote for the most reasonable candidate who passes the filter.

4- There is no hope for civil disobedience. Even if it happens, iran’s regime won’t move a millimeter even if all people die from hunger.

5-Opposition is not strong, groups are diffused and weak, and they spend their time and energy fighting with one another instead of making plans for change inside iran. It’s not likely that any major change is going to take place, at least not without other countries interfering which makes every body now fearing for iran becomes like iraq. Personally I think same –or even worse- would take place.
So at least we must try to get the most tolerant persons into the power, even if all of them make us sick.

Emotionally attached as Iranian mothers
By Neda                                  
I don’t think in any other nation mothers are as emotionally attached as Iranian mothers to their children.
I’m not trying to admire it, in fact it’s the number one problem in Iranian marriages. There’s a joke they say about Iranian men, they say Iranian men usually have a wife and a mistress, and they love their mothers

Ahmadinejad’s on fire 
By Neda  
Students of Amir Kabir university (Tehran) when Ahmadinejad was speaking for them cried “death to dictator” and “Liar get out of the university”. Ahmadinejad’s bodyguards beat students.
And yes, that is Ahmadinejad’s picture on fire.

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