Quote "rosa" per stranieri?

In Italia aumenta il fenomeno della disoccupazione degli stranieri immigrati.
Prima o poi qualcuno proporrà di riservargli una quota dei posti di lavoro, come già è successo in altri paesi?

In Finland unemployment is around 25% for immigrants
by Phil While unemployment is around 7% in Helsinki, it’s around 25% for us immigrants - Who has the answer to fix the situation?
When will these trends be reflected in the recruitment practices of the municipal labour force? And what about public procurement? Municipal politicians in Helsinki - if they are interested in the issue at all - still talk about supported work schemes for immigrants. Why don’t they demand that also private sector companies (who supply goods and services worth of millions of euros to the city) take responsibility in providing jobs for people of diverse ethnic backgrounds? After all, the public, taxpayers’ money, that funds public procurements comes increasingly from taxes paid by ethnic minorities. And sooner or later it simply will make economic sense for these companies!
Quotas. Some are not directly saying it but what what they  want is private companies in Finland to have immigrant quotas - Companies over ‘x’ amount of people must have ‘x’ amount of immigrants depending on the size of the company or else they’ll be taxed extra or sued by the state or something. And while I came back from vacation quite tan skinned, I doubt I’m the kind of “immigrant” who would fulfill these quotas. 
Immigrant/minority/racial quotas may be a new concept in Finland but they’re very familiar to Americans. While in the short-term it may provide jobs (not necessarily good ones) for immigrants, Finland will see increased sentiments of racism and anti-immigration in the long-term. Whether they’re right or wrong, some natives will feel these immigrants are “stealing” their jobs. More qualified people will lose jobs to less qualifiied people simply because of the color of their skin or where they come from. I know that the protectionist, racist, yet powerful Finnish trade unions make it very difficult for immigrants, I just think that using government force to fix this issue will do more harm than good.

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